5 Ways to Increase Efficiency

We realize that managing one or many communities is simultaneously a challenging and rewarding task. At Condo Manager, our mission is to make life easier for community association members and HOA management companies. Part of ‘making life easier’ means accomplishing more with less. Here are the top five ways to increase your company’s efficiency without hiring additional staff members:

5. Hire an Answering Service
Having a hard time catching all those phone calls? Hiring an answering service can be a great benefit to your association management company. If you’re concerned because homeowners are experiencing high wait times on the phone, consider this solution. If the phone isn’t answered in a set amount of rings, a live person at the answering service picks up the call and takes a message. If the call is urgent, the call can be re-directed to your support team. For quality reasons. we recommend hiring a local company versus an offshore company. Chances are that a quick internet search will reveal a phone answering service in your area.

4. Equip Property Managers with Mobile Devices
The advance of mobile technology has literally changed the way we live, including the way we work. Equipping your property managers (or anyone else in the field) with tablets or smartphones can open up new avenues of communication and efficiency. Condo Manager allows property managers to access our software remotely with a smartphone or tablet device. This makes it faster and easier to report violations and maintenance issues.

3. Use a Lockbox Service
A lockbox service allows association management companies to quickly process dues payments from homeowners. Homeowners send their payments to a post office lockbox, where a bank employee collects the payment. The bank then deposits the payments directly into the association’s account and reports to the management company. This frees-up valuable time for the management company because they don’t have to sort through all the envelopes and payments.

2. Use an Electronic Calendar
This is number two on our list because it offers so much versatility and function Using a (free) product like Google Calender allows you to set email and pop-up notifications for events in your schedule. This also allows you to synchronize with fellow employees by sharing calendars. Right from your desktop, you can see when your co-worker or boss has meetings and events scheduled. Electronic calendars area a great way to get your staff on the same page and eliminate scheduling conflicts.

1. Utilize Specialized Software
Without a doubt, utilizing industry-specific software can drastically increase an association management company’s efficiency. Of these five options, specialized software has the potential to make the largest impact. For starters, HOA management software such as Condo Manager can automate many of your day-to-day tasks. Violation letters, for example, can be created immediately from a template. Every instance of communication between your company and each homeowner is noted and easily recalled in the software. There are literally so many benefits to using industry-specific software, in every field from accounting to maintenance, that it would take several blog articles to cover them all.

Measuring and tracking a company’s efficiency can be difficult. Condo Manager has addressed this with the Profitability Module, which tracks phone calls, letters mailed, maintenance fees, and other variables to determine how much profit a company makes from each association under its management. This is an invaluable tool for any HOA or condo management company who wants to improve efficiency and provide the best possible service to its homeowners.