A 360-Degree View of Your Association

One of the ways that Condo Manager sets itself apart from its competitors is by offering clients a 360-degree view of the associations they manage. You may ask, “What does this mean?”

A 360-degree view means complete control of your associations. This means that you can access every facet of HOA management from a single platform. Condo Manager software puts association accounting, violations, maintenance, work orders, architectural requests, and communications data right at your fingertips. As you can imagine, our holistic approach to association management has great benefits for HOA management companies as well as self-managed associations.

One of the benefits that Condo Manager provides is the superior service you can offer to your residents. For example, every call and letter from your homeowners is recorded by our HOA management software and easily accessed later. Never again will you be forced to put homeowners on hold while you frantically try to find their files. Our software makes it easier than ever to quickly and effortlessly retrieve the information that you or your clients need. When using Condo Manager, the ability to attach nearly any document to a homeowner’s account gives you even greater flexibility.

For management companies, Condo Manager allows tracking of the profit margin of each community you manage. Our profitability module remembers everything from the letters you mail to the time you spend on the phone with residents. All of this data is formulated to give you detailed analysis of how much of your resources are being dedicated to an association.

Do you have to consult a spreadsheet for accounting, rifle through a file cabinet to find an ARC request, and then open another software program to find a work order? Our software provides everything you need to manage your associations in one convenient location. You can see from this information why we call Condo Manager the 360-degree solution.

As we progress into the New Year, consider the efficiency of moving all of your association management responsibilities under the 360-degree umbrella solution provided by Condo Manager. Contact us today to discuss your situation and discover the ways Condo Manager can make your life easier, your work more enjoyable, and your business more profitable.