Legal Rights for Condo Owners

Legal Rights for Condo Owners HOAs have considerable control when it comes to the governance of the community. This control extends to things such as addition or maintenance projects, changes to the exteriors of properties, execution of property rules and regulations, and even parking of individual residents. There are, however, certain areas in which condo…


Profitable Community Association Management: Blending Efficiency and Quality

A community association management company serves two principal sets of stakeholders. The association desires attractive amenities and an aesthetically-pleasing community. While property owners want the same to maintain their assets’ values, they also seek to avoid burdensome dues. For a community association management company to profit in such an environment requires a carefully-crafted business plan.…

balancing work and life

Ways to Balance Life and HOA Board Work

Being the member of Homeowners Association Management can be a very rewarding experience that allows you to communicate daily with amazing people and do some good for the community. However, most Board members are volunteer-based and often members will have a full-time job and responsibilities outside of the Board. Members may feel overwhelmed and like they struggle to…


Encouraging Your HOA Reserve Study

A homeowner’s association reserve study is very important, as it helps the Board set a realistic budget, maybe with Accounting Software for HOA by considering all possible extra expenses, like emergencies and repairs that weren’t anticipated. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to show some resistance to the reserve study report, though, as they have trouble justifying…