Condo Board Responsibilities

property manager holding keys

So you have been elected to the condo board! What now? You may be wondering what your responsibilities are now that you are a part of the board. Here are a few of the most common condo board responsibilities, and how to perform them well.


Mediation Between Residents and the Property Manager

One of the most important responsibilities of the condo board is mediation between the residents and the property manager. Throughout the calendar year, homeowners will have a plenitude of problems, complaints, and comments. The property manager likely has a lot on his or her plate to keep the community running smoothly, and will not have time to deal with every single issue that comes up. The board has the significant role of fielding the problems by transferring the necessary information to the property manager and back to the residents. This helps keep the work load of the property manager from being overwhelming while also keeping homeowners happy.


This can backfire if the job is not done properly. Board members who let issues fall through the cracks will end up with angry residents. To avoid this, a strong system must be set in place to handle issues in a timely manner and get them resolved before resentment builds.


Management of Dues and Other Finances

Of course, one of the top functions of the board is to manage the finances of the community by collecting homeowner dues, and putting these funds to good use. This is a task that every board member should be knowledgeable about, even if they are not the treasurer. Each member has a duty to keep each other accountable, know the budget backwards and forwards, collect dues on time, keep insurance up to date, and ensure that each dollar is used wisely.


The best way to handle financial issues is to remain as transparent as possible with residents, informing them of needed repairs, special assessments, and proposed improvements so that homeowners can know where each of their hard earned dollars is going.


Creating and Maintaining a Beautiful Community

Part of the reason that homeowners love moving into a condo community is the chance to avoid neighborhoods that are rampant with garish decorating, unkempt lawns, peeling paint, and cracking pavement. Beauty is an important value of most residents, and should be a top priority for board members as well. The board is not only responsible for doing regular maintenance on common areas and the outside portions of condos, it is also accountable for ensuring that all residents adhere to the CC&Rs. Enforcement of rules and regulations is a difficult, but very important job of the board.


Managing the details can be a hassle, so setting up an online portal can help by allowing residents to submit maintenance requests, ask questions, file complaints about neighbors, and pay dues all in one place.


Being part of a board can certainly be challenging at times, but is also extremely rewarding. Now that you have been elected to the board, you can expect these responsibilities as well as others as you move toward creating a beautiful community.