Ideas For Attracting Senior Homeowners

One of the most valuable groups of homeowners that you can have in your community are senior citizens. These residents can be more long-term than younger demographics, and they can bring a surprising energy into the community that no other age group can offer.


There are a lot of things that can be done in your associations property to make your community more appealing to seniors. Here are a few ideas for attracting senior homeowners to your HOA.



The first consideration when it comes to seniors should be safety and accessibility throughout the community. A few things to consider changing in this area are below.


Safe Lighting

The first safety feature to consider is proper lighting throughout the property. This can help prevent the elderly from tripping and falling in the dark when their eyesight is less reliable. Having good lighting is not only good for seniors, but for everyone in the community as it can help prevent crime as well as injuries.


Safe Stairways

Stairs can be a treacherous place for seniors if care has not been taken to make them safer. It can be important to consider lowering the rise of the stairs in common areas, and improving the tread length and material to make the surface easier to traverse. All stairs should also include handrails that are at the proper width and height.


Safe Walkways

You can improve the safety of walkways for seniors, and everyone in the community, by making sure there are no large cracks to trip over and no debris or other objects that can cause falls and injuries. Doing a property-wide inspection of all walkways to ensure safety is a step towards attracting senior residents.



Once the safety of your property has been established, you can work on improving the amenities to attract older residents.


Exercise Classes

Many of todays seniors harbor a youthful spirit. Because of this, this age group is turning to exercise activities to keep them active and to help them connect with other people. Your HOA can consider bringing in swimming, yoga, or even dance classes for the elderly to help keep them active in the community.


Pet Amenities

Adequate pet amenities can help to attract this demographic. Walking paths with frequent pet stations, dog runs, and other amenities can help the elderly care for their pets while residing in your HOA.


Convenient Parking

Convenient parking to all amenities is a must for elderly residents. Easy access to areas such as the pool and clubhouse can make it easier for these homeowners to use amenities and attend activities.


Gardening and Other Activities

Seniors enjoy a wide range of activities which can include gardening, baking, painting, quilting, nature walks, and even repairing bikes or furniture. A community garden is a great place to start, and from there you can add activities that may appeal to the creative side of your residents.


If your HOA is hoping to attracts seniors, these improvements and additions to the community can be a great place to start.