Ideas for the Content for Your HOA Newsletter

hoa newsletter

Having a regular newsletter sent to the homeowners in your community, whether by mail or by email, is a great way to keep everyone involved and the inform the community of upcoming projects and events. It is something which you should not forego as it is an important step to improving your HOA. It can be difficult to know what to put in your newsletter.  Here are a few ideas for the content of your HOA newsletter.


Updates from Recent Board Meetings

The newsletter is the perfect place to inform residents about recent issues brought forward to the board or decisions that have been made. Transparency is valued by homeowners, and newsletters are a great way to communicate this information clearly and quickly to the whole community. You can also include updates regarding construction or maintenance as well as notices of upcoming projects.


Relevant Local News

Events in the wider community and city as a whole can greatly affect your homeowners association. You can include any local news that may have an impact on the residents of your community so that everyone can be knowledgeable about these issues.


Energy Saving Tips

Newsletters can be a fun place to share tips on how to conserve energy and other resources. This can also be a place for other tips relating to anything in the community, such as gardening, taking care of the lawn, or preparing your residence for bad weather. If the contents of your newsletter are both interesting and helpful, they will be more widely read.


Rules and Regulations Reminders

At times it becomes necessary to remind homeowners of certain rules. Reminding them by way of a newsletter can be a gentle way of encouraging homeowners to adhere to the rules set forth by the governing documents. This is especially important as not all residents are familiar with the minute details of these documents.


Upcoming Events

Of course, it is always important to include a calendar in the newsletter with a list of all upcoming events in your HOA. This can be anything from your annual ice-cream social to dates of expected building projects, but most importantly should include the dates of upcoming board meetings. This will help community members to stay involved.


Commendations of Residents or Board Members

Acknowledging residents, board members, or committee members through the written medium of the newsletter is a great way to spread goodwill throughout the HOA. It is important for these volunteers to feel valued. In each issue, you an include thanks and praises for community members that have gone above and beyond in making the association a better place.


A regular newsletter is a great way to keep community members involved, boost the morale of board members, and keep everyone educated and informed. Take some time this month to focus on the newsletter to see where you can improve it, and use these tips to help expand the content to make it relevant and interesting to everyone who everyone who reads it.