Condo Board of Directors Responsibilities

board of directors

Each homeowners association is only as strong as its board of directors. As a member of the board of directors, each individual has the monumental job of being intimately familiar with the community. Here is a summary of the condo board of directors responsibilities and how each member should be doing their part to ensure a strong HOA leadership team.


Individual Responsibilities

Among the board of directors are individual positions. Each office plays an important role in the smooth running of the board.



The president is the HOAs version of a CEO. He or she is expected to be present at every meeting and is responsible for putting contracts or orders into effect. The president is subject to the majority of the board and may be voted off at any time.


Vice President

The vice president is given the responsibility of acting on behalf of the president in the event that the president cannot be present. In the presidents absence, the vice president assumes all rights and responsibilities of the president.



The secretary performs a variety of clerical duties. The person who occupies this office organizes and keeps the records of all of the meetings. The secretary may also assign the position of keeping minutes to additional members of the board. His or her primary function to to keep records and make these available to members of the community.



The treasurer coordinates, manages, and delegates all tasks relating to the financial management of the association. Although the treasurer may not personally attend to every task, they oversee each step of the way to ensure that each task has been done according to the law, and has been performed correctly.


Fiduciary Responsibility

Members of the board of directors have a responsibility to the association that is equal to that of a business. They function under what is termed a fiduciary relationship.This means that, by accepting a position on the board, they agree to work for the benefit of the community rather than themselves, and with all of the care that anyone else would in their position. They act in good faith, and for the good of all.


Upholding Governing Documents

A large responsibility of all of the members of the board of directors is to continually uphold the governing documents. Each member should be familiar with every part of CC&Rs, rules and regulations, and bylaws, and should be ready to enforce these rules and laws in the event of an infraction.


Property Maintenance

Members of the community rely on the board of directors to maintain the common areas of the association and to keep everything beautiful and in good working order. The board has the difficult task of prioritizing maintenance tasks and ensuring that there is enough funds to complete the job.

Even though most HOAs are non-profit organizations with volunteer officers,  it is important to remember that the board of directors have a very serious job. Each individual on the team is crucial part in ensuring that the condo board of directors responsibilities are performed to the betterment of the community.