Condo Manager Releases New User Interface

Condo Manager Releases New User Interface


Condo Manager is proud to announce the release of a new user interface for our software. The new interface is more efficient and easier than ever to manipulate. Because of the design, our existing clients can also enjoy these benefits without having to re-learn the software.

A user interface (UI for short) allows people to engage and interact with computer software. Many long hours of hard work have been dedicated to crafting and perfecting Condo Manager’s new look and feel. Fortunately, the end result of our work to improve the user interface is definitely worth the effort it required. Our team of experienced developers has listened to the feedback we received from you, our valued customers, and taken those suggestions to the drawing board.

Here are some of the ways that Condo Manager software has improved as a result of the new layout:

1. Easier to Use
Simplicity has always been a driving force within our orgainization. The recent changes to our program’s interface create a program that is easier than ever to navigate and execute.
2. Faster
Changes to the UI have also allowed for a faster, more responsive user experience across all devices.
3. More Efficient
By altering the layout of our program, we have eliminated unnecessary clicks and keystrokes. This means you you are able to get more work accomplished each day.

We hope you will enjoy our new design and find navigating within it a more natural experience.

By automating the routine tasks associated with managing HOA’s or condos, our clients can direct more of their focus to their clients. At Condo Manager, we strive to produce the very best community association management software on the market and take great pride in working diligently every day to accomplish this goal.