How to Improve Communication With an Association Web Portal

The modern world is always online. People expect instant access to information whenever and wherever they are. The idea that someone would have to call or email a request for something as simple as an account balance and then wait for a response is, frankly, unacceptable for most people today. Luckily, Condo Manager provides an easy solution through custom web portals for community associations and management companies. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your web portal by considering the following things.

Grant Easy Access to Governing Documents

The largest advantage of a web portal is ease of access to community documents. Rather than getting in touch with the board, community manager, or support department, association members are able to download and read these documents online at their own convenience. This ease of access is great for both the community members and the support members who would otherwise be taking their call. Association members will be able to answer questions on their own and much more quickly than if they were to wait for support. Support, meanwhile, will be freed up to answer more pressing matters than simple document requests, leading to shorter call times and better service levels.

When setting up your community web portal, make sure to carefully consider what documents you are making available on it. Ask your self-managed communities what documents are frequently needed and should be easier to access. Talk to support staff about what frequent, easily solved issues they are being bogged down by and consider creating content to address those. Governing documents should be a no-brainer here, but some communities might choose to include community calendars, newsletters, contact lists, and more.

Maintain Control of Sensitive Information

Obviously, sensitive information like account balances, ledgers, and violations notices should not be freely available for anyone to see. However, this kind of information is still extremely valuable to the people it pertains to and should be easy to access. That’s why Condo Manager web portals include a robust account system that makes it easy to determine who sees what. Each association member receives a unique user ID and password. Their profiles can then be flagged as being members of the board, officers, or simply members of the community.

Because the web portal provided with Condo Manager is built off the same system as all the other included tools, it can access any of the data they can. This includes association member records, financial statements, and more. When setting up your portal, pay attention to who is able to access what through the built-in permissions system. Personal information should only be seen by the member it belongs to, and if you have confidential documents for the board’s eyes only, make sure it is not flagged as being public to the whole community.

Keep Up-To-Date

Once documents are written, they don’t always stay the same. As communities grow and need to tackle new challenges, the governing documents are often edited to meet them. To make sure everyone is following the same rules and guidelines, it is important for them to have access to the most up-to-date version of all documents. The same is true for personal account information like balances and violations. It is annoying to pay a balance and still have to deal with records showing that you haven’t. Even worse is the possibility of missing a payment and contending with fees because you thought you had a zero balance when you did not.

Condo Manager’s web portals solve these problems with automated updates on a schedule you set.  Just make sure the most recent documents are always in the system, and Condo Manager does the rest.

Connect to your Communities

Web portals are the ideal way to connect to your communities and keep association members up-to-date. Rather than calling support and waiting around for a response, they are able to conveniently access all their information from a single, secure location. When you are ready to upgrade your community’s online presence, request a demo or give Condo Manager a call at (800)-626-1267.